Weather or not…

On Saturday, we are scheduled for our Engagement Photo session. We want to do it at the beach at sunset (like everyone but Katy & Ben in his Engagements Portfolio).

Trouble is, it’s supposed to rain.

Now, in Baltimore/Washington, when the weatherman says it’s going to rain, you’ve got a pretty good chance that you won’t see any rain. They’re concerned about warning people about rain so they’re not caught without an umbrella.

In Southern California, though, where people don’t own umbrellas, a rain storm shuts things down with the efficiency of a blizzard in New York. Because the stakes are higher, the weathermen are more careful about crying wolf. Which means that there’s a better chance that it will actually rain.

I’m hoping for a perfect storm. One that puts some pregnant clouds in the sky, but doesn’t drop rain right as the sun goes down over the Pacific for the perfect mise-en-scene.

Right now, the Weather Channel is giving rain a 60% chance on Saturday (focussed on the evening hours). Since we’re only in Cali until Jan 2, rescheduling isn’t possible. We get one chance; if it rains, we’re going indoors.

An indoor engagement shoot is like indoor football. The ball is the same shape, but the game is totally different, and not nearly as fun to see…

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  • Anonymous says:

    good luck!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow! However, if it does rain, it still doesn’t force you to do indoor pictures. My friend had her pictures done under a brick archway (think USC’s Doheny Library or Bovard Auditorium), and they were beautiful. You still get the outdoor feel and the natural light, and it’s a really pretty backdrop. Churchyards are also a good option. Hopefully it will be nice and sunny, but if not, your pictures will still turn out great! :) Love ya, Robyn

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