Let the planning begin…

It’s Christmas Eve. Yeserday, after a half-day at work, Tiffany and I got on a United Airlines non-stop flight from Baltimore-Washington Airport to LAX. Tiffany has said before that she’s a magnet for screaming kids, and I think her magnatism was esepecially strong this time. The flight was overbooked, and as we sat on the tarmak the stewardesses moved some people around with the following consequenses. Tiffany sat in 23A. I sat in 23B. An exhausted-looking lady with a screaming baby that had diaper rash sat in 23C. A baby just large enough to kick the seat in front of her sat on the lap of her mother in 24A. In 24B, her father held her twin sister, equally rambunctious on his lap. They all took turns screaming, kicking, pulling our hair, spitting food and making doo-doos in their diapers that smelled like different variations of poo-pee every half hour. I think I’m a fan of non-direct cross-country flights.

Today the wedding planning begins in earnest. Annie, Tiffany’s Mom has a printed out itinerary. It’s packed; we only get Christmas Day totally off. I’m not sure I brought enough books. Today we return to Northridge – home of my fabled professorship at CSUN – to meet a photographer. This isn’t the ridiculously expensive guy (he’s later this week), so we’re hoping he’s good. Ken, from Budget Photo and Video.

When that’s done, we’re going to LA to look at flowers. I’m not too sure what that will entail – a flower is a flower, right? – but it’s on the list. I’ll post more later.

In any case, dear readers, be sure to check back regularly over the next week. The itinerary is full, and the updates will be rapid-fire.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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