For the record!

Mrs. Link was always a relationship gal.  Once she got to high school – and over the 2-week relationships – she was in it for the long haul.  After that, boyfriends were measured in years, not months or weeks.  Her longest relationship was just over five years, spanning most of high school and some college.

Longest, that is, until today!

Although we are married, until today I have not even had the distinction of being the longest dating relationship that she was in (we blew my record away a long time ago).  But as of midnight tonight, that final record will be broken!

Seemed a worthy benchmark to write about – especially since I got a present to go with it.

We’ve been together for more than five years; I’m sure the next five will be even better – and the five after that…

Here’s what I got for my present!  It’s sweet!

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