Day 4/5- Dress fittings and Mrs. B

After the cake was done, we dropped Jed off and my mom and I went for my first dress fitting. I’m not going to lie… I was a little worried that I wouldn’t fit into my dress like I did in August because we ordered the size 4 and it fit me like gangbusters, but I was spring loaded. I’m not even going to explain that. As it turns out, I fit into the dress beautifully and no alterations were needed to taylor the dress to my body. I did need a hem (because all of those dresses are made for those 6’2 amazon queen models), and a few alterations of my discretion: I’m having them make my neckline into a sweetheart neckline rather than the straight line it is now, a bustle for the train of the dress, and a bustle for the veil. All in all, it looked absolutely stunning and of course my mom cried most of the time. We did the finishing touches, took a few pictures for the florist and such and went on our merry way.

The next morning, we met with Mrs. B, the wedding coordinator at the church. Mrs. B has known me since I was 12, so I was very comfortable with her planning that aspect of our wedding. And she was all too excited to meet Jed. We chatted for a while and got down to business. The seating situation turned out to be trickier than previously expected, but we got it all down. Hopefully no drama. Jed and I decided not to have a “bride’s side” and a “groom’s side” to our wedding. We want our families and friends to mix and mingle. We decided to have his sister Aeravi sing during the unity candle and probably my bridesmaid Sarah (who has a b-e-a-utiful voice) sing after everyone is seated. All I have to do is ask her… :) Everything else was pretty much traditional, and Mrs. B is taking care of all the decorations and I trust her implicitly. So, the details of the actual ceremony are done, and another thing is checked off the previously lengthy list…

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    Doesn’t it feel great to check things off the list? I’m making progress too…131 items completed, 59 to go! R.R.

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