Day 3 – Tuxes

Woke up. Got out of bed. Dragged a comb across our heads.

Flower lady showed up half an hour early, and while Tiffany and her mom showed her what they wanted (she’ll bring samples later), Kevin and I ran errands and got haircuts.

Tiffany, her mom and the flower lady going over flowers

Once that was done, Dante – one of my groomsmen – dropped by and the five of us mozied over to the Men’s Warehouse to pick out tuxedos for the wedding. We’d done a little pre-planning online, so we had a pretty good idea what we wanted.

In a nutshell, we’re going with a classic jacket over vests and ties. The vests have a pin-striping pattern on them.

The Groom

The Groomsmen

The Fathers

Now that we’ve got a package, all of the tux wearing participants in the wedding will have to go to a Men’s Warehouse (or, if they’re in Montana where there are not Men’s Warhouses, they’ll have to get their measurements – weight, height, chest, overarm, coat sleave inseam, coat size, waist, hips, outseam, shoe size, vest size, shirt neck size and shirt sleeve size to a Men’s Warehouse). They keep a list, check it twice and make sure that all of the tuxes are delivered to Los Angeles in time for the wedding.

Dante, the pimp.

Kevin looks sharp

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