Day 2 – Picture Perfect!

Today was the second full day of wedding coordination madness. It started off with a trip to the Waterfront Hilton, where our reception will be held. We met Raphael from Raphael Photography (the website is very well done, but only shows a fraction of his hard-copy portfolio).

I’m sure you will remember our friend the digital master from Day 1. Like night and day.

We started off by looking through some of his wedding and engagement albums, then moved on to a few slide presentations. We checked out his website ahead of time, so I already was expecting some good work, but what I ended up seeing was absolutely fantastic work. The pictures were all stunning, and granted, this was his portfolio so they’re going to be his best pictures, but if our photos turn out to be a fraction as beautiful as the ones we saw, I will be pleased. He has a great eye for what constitutes a good shot and frames it in a very artistic way. I never even met the people in these albums, and looking through them, I felt like I had not only been to their wedding, but also had known them for a while. I’m really excited to see how our “wedding story” turns out. We have our engagement sitting at the beach on Saturday.

Rafael shoots all-digital, and in jpeg format. He will shoot important shots in .raw. It may be that he is using a higher resolution or he is better with camera, but his pictures didn’t have any of the blurring or artifacts that were present in the previous photographer’s work. He will provide us with digital proofs, and they will be posted online for people to purchase if they want.

He also understands a very important concept of digital photography. Garbage-in, garbage-out (GIGO). Too many digital photographers are addicted to after-market software like Photoshop, which can make an adequate image look a little better. But the quality of the final image is intimately tied to the quality of the original image. A mediocre photo will never look great. A great photo, after some filters can be absolutely stunning. But you can’t rely on Photoshop to make good photography.

Rafael’s work is top-notch. His professionalism was also very high; he was eager to please and his photographic philosophy (that he’s there to compliment the day, not rule the day) was in sync with our own. Overall, we were both very happy with him.

Tiffany sitting in front of the beautiful fountain in the Hilton lobby

Jed and Tiffany

Tiffany with her mom

This is the view from the patio at the Hilton. The ocean is right there, and it’s just stunning. The sun wasn’t out when we took this picture, and when the reception is on, the sun will be setting over the Pacific…

Tiffany, Annie and Kevin looking over pictures with Rafael

Tiffany walking down the hotel hallway toward the Grand Ballroom, where the the party’s gonna be

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  • Anonymous says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

    HAHAAHA…. Sounds like your vacation was more work than rest!!! When is the wedding again??? You have to let me know if you get any amazing deals we’re on the hunt right now too… (p.s. I love reading your journal, you make me laugh) P.S. you and your mom look like hot mamas! :) xoxo, TRIS

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