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Siena, Italy

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Getting to “Really Know” your Life-Mate-to-Be

So, back when Tiffany went to Cali she came back with two copies of a little book by Bobb and Cheryl Beihl called Getting to “Really Know” Your Life-Mate-to-Be. Unfortunately, they don’t have the cover scanned in. If they did, you’d see a blissful couple. Countrary to “really knowing” each other, she is covering his eyes; shielding herself from his truth-seeking eyes. That’s just the situation this book tries to remedy. Yeah, it’s just as corny as the needless quotation marks and over-use-of-the-hyphen make it sound. But, since it’s full of questions, it’s sort of like a personality test for two, and I think we’re acing it.

See, before we get married we have to get some pre-marital counciling from the paster that will marry us. Guess that just goes with the turf, as other people I’ve asked about it knew exactly what I was talking about. To prepare for this counciling, we were given two copies of the book. It’s 55-pages long. There are no pictures…

So, like any assignment with a deadline, we’ve put this off to the last minute. Now we have been going through a chapter or so every night before bed. I’m not sure this is proper protocol, since whomever answers first innevitably influences the answer of the second person, but I think it’s more about sparking the conversation. Trouble is, we’re both so tired at the end of the day that we tend to fly through questions that could take hours. I guess the fact that we’re on the same pace is good.

It’s also comforting to realize that after 3 years, I already know a lot of these things about Tiffany. In fact, there haven’t really been any surprises at all. The pastor said that there would be green light answers (in which we agree), yellow light answers (where there’s a slight difference) and hopefully only a few red light answers (Roxanne!).

Well, going through this book has been exactly like driving through Baltimore isn’t. All green lights.

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We’ll Mess With Texas…

Rose Bowl I

(click on the image to see this Jed Original in full size).

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Jed’s Ring

Jed is one tough cookie to shop for. He likes things to be different, unique, but in a simple way. I know. It confuses me too. So for the past three months or so, we have been casually looking for his ring. Every store we go into, doesn’t have quite what he is looking for. He likes asymmetry, but doesn’t want any diamonds (aka bling) in his band. It is surprisingly hard to find an asymetric, no diamond band. The few that we have found are either too small or too big. So finally, about a month ago, Jed has an epiphany. He wants a simple band, but around the outside of the band, he wants inscribed my EKG as he tells me he loves me. That way he can always have my heart with him. How sweet is that! The only problem is EKG’s are not easy/cheap to come by… even if you’re a medical student at Johns Hopkins. So I ask Sharon, the coordinator of the MD/PhD program if she knows of anyone that could help me out. Turns out that she used to work at a place in Hopkins where they did EKG’s and knew someone that could possibly do it for me for free.

So it’s finally all coming together at this point. Yesterday, after school, I met up with Sharon and she took me over to the place to get it done. So Jed sent me a voicemail for me to listen to as my EKG was being taken. This was the message:

Look down at the ring on your finger. This is a symbol not only of my love for you but of our union to each other for the rest of our lives.

They say there is a nerve that goes from the ring finger to the heart. The connection from the ring ot the love that it represents. As you’re sitting there surrounded by medical equipment, I am sure that you are evaluating the medical validity of that claim. But you are also recording the beating of your heart. That record will be etched in the token I will wear on my finger for the rest of my life.

So for the moment, concentrate on loving me with each beat.

Imagine the first time we met…
Remember our first kiss…
Imagine the proposal, and think of what the wedding will be like…
Think of our children: being born, growing up, meeting someone else, falling in love and having children of their own….
And finally, imagine us growing old together, more in love than we’ve ever been before.

Those thoughts will now forever be etched in the living heartbeat that I will wear on my finger from now on. In this way you will always be with me.

I love you.

And here’s the EKG.

Tiffany's EKG (Rough Draft)
Tiffany’s EKG (Rough Draft)
Be sure to click on the image to see it full size.

The waves in the graph represent changes in breathing pattern: gasping, or increased rate. Additionally, my baseline heart rate was just under 60, during the message, it got as high as 80. We’ll get the ring when we are back in Cali for Christmas. I’m really excited that we are going to be able to do this. I’d love to know what you think! Please post your comments to our journal

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